정과리 교수

Myeong-Kyo JEONG (pen name. Kwa-RiJEONG)

Literary Critic. He has published 17 books, compiled more than 10 books and translated 3 books.
Professor of Yonsei University since 2000.

  • 인물 기본 이미지

    Chan-Je WU

    Professor of Korean Language & Literature at Seogang University

  • 인물 기본 이미지

    Eun-Kyung MIN

    Professor of English Language & Literature at Seoul National University

  • 인물 기본 이미지

    Gye-Sook KANG

    Professor of Korean Language & Literature at Myongji University

  • 인물 기본 이미지

    David Carruth

    Translator, judge for the inaugural Bucheon Diaspora Literary Award

Main roles
  • Screening nominated works produced in other languages
  • Compiling a shortlist
  • Determining the winner
  • Determining and approving the recipient of the Translator’s Prize (translation support payment)

Five prominent members from the Korean and international literary world (including critics) and academia

※ In the interest of ensuring fairness, the identity of the Judging Committee members will be disclosed upon the announcement of the winner


  • Chaired by Kyung-Koo HAN
    Secretary-General, Korean National Commission for UNESCO

  • Vice Chaired by Mu-Hyun JEONG
    Poet, Bucheon Branch the Korean Writers Association Its members are

  • Hyung-Yup OH
    Literary Critic & Professor, Korea University

  • Eun-Suk JEONG
    Chief Exescutive, Maumsanchaek Publishing House

  • Hyun-Gyu CHOI
    Novelist, Bucheon Branch Writers Association of Korea

  • Si-Myung OH
    Director General, Culture and Economy Bureau of Bucheon City

Main roles
  • Matters related to all facets of the holding of the award
  • Matters related to the appointment of members to the Nominations Committee and Screening Committee
  • Matters related to the determination of the winner
  • Matters related to the organization of ancillary events, including a lecture by the award winner

Literature experts (writers, scholars, critics, journalists), Bucheon civil servants, Bucheon City Council members,

chair of the Bucheon Creative City of Literature Steering Committee, representatives from Bucheon writers groups


Main roles
  • Screening nominated works
  • Seeking out literary works in the applicable languages
  • Compiling a longlist to be transferred to the Judging Committee

Eight literature experts from different language backgrounds (English, French, Germany, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

※ Works produced in other languages will be screened by the Judging Committee

※ Details of the Nominations Committee members and the longlist will not be released